Baby pictures and random musings

My mom posted a baby picture each of Greg and me on her blog. If you're wondering what our son may look like, these should give you a pretty good idea. We still have about 100 days, but Greg and I CANNOT WAIT TO MEET HIM! We will wait though.

In other news, Greg preached in church this morning. He did a marvelous job. I was inspired. Our church posts sermons on our website; I have no idea if the quality is good, but it should be there soon - http://www.hopefellowshipchurch.org.

And Greg and I watched the movie Julie and Julia tonight. As a blogger, someone who enjoys cooking for pleasure, and one who dreams of writing one day as well, I was thoroughly entertained by it. A warning though -- it is slow. Greg wasn't sure he'd make it through the entire movie. Oh, and DO NOT watch that movie hungry!


King Family Christmas

Greg and I packed for our trip to Baltimore in somewhat of a rush. On the way to the airport, I knew I had forgotten something. THE CAMERA! Ah! So I sadly do not have any grand pictures to share. This was my first time in Baltimore (that I can recall) and my first time to meet some of Greg's relatives. Definitely my first time to spend any significant time with them. (Our wedding didn't quite provide that.) It was really special to celebrate Christmas together in both his Grandmom and Granddad's homes, hear stories from Greg's childhood and his parents' as well. We enjoyed sharing a few hours with some uncles and aunts and cousins and just relaxing with family. I'm so thankful to have had the opportunity to be with the King family before welcoming our little son to the world. I have a feeling he might be the center of attention the next time we're able to visit Baltimore...

To all of our friends and family around the globe, we wish we could have spent significant time with you as well!

(The flight attendants are telling me its time to get off the computer now.)

Greg and I wish you all a belated merry Christmas. May the presence of our Lord Jesus Christ in our lives be your sustenance and your portion. In Him is the only true Life.


Winter Guide to Parking-Spot-Savers in Boston

Greg and I laughed quite a bit at this article from the Globe. Make sure you scroll through the pictures. This is most definitely what it is like in our neighborhood all winter. Enjoy!


Shameless plug for Tufts

Some of you may have watched an episode of two of the NBC show, The Sing-Off. Well, The Beelzebubs, Tufts' oldest all-male a cappella group, have made it to the finals, and it would be awesome if you would vote for them. Here they are singing "Sweet Caroline"...

Vote for the Bubs!
  • Call 1-877-6-SING-01 (1-877-674-6401)
  • Text 1 to 33088
  • Cast your ballot on NBC.com
You can vote 10 times per phone or e-mail address (30 times total). Voting ends Sunday, Dec. 20, at 9 a.m. EST.


23 weeks

A lot of growth from three weeks ago!
About a week ago, I had the first experience where two strangers congratulated me on my pregnancy; they were both nurses at a local flu clinic, but I was still impressed with their boldness to ask and congratulate. Many people at work and church are making comments such as, "Oh wow, you're really growing now!" And lots of belly rubbing going on in my life. How entertaining all of this is! Greg and I continue to express amazement and appreciation that God is choosing to sustain this little boy's life.


Not quite together

I will spare you all of the ways this has applied to me. Let's just say that Greg is immensely patient and forgiving and has had many laughs from my "baby brain" comments and actions.
(taken from BabyCenter.com)


Oh Istanbul

Something about the weather this morning made me feel like I was in Istanbul. Maybe it was the uncharacteristically balmy 60 degree temperature I enjoyed walking to work. Maybe it was the scent of the many shop and restaurant workers smoking outside their establishments. Maybe it was the sound of the cars honking or the buses passing by on the wet pavement. Or maybe it was the state of my heart and mind this morning.

Whatever it was, I was overcome with the desire to hop on a ferry to cross the Bosphorus and spend a few hours at my favorite park and tea garden in Moda (on the Asian side). I could practically taste the Turkish tea, feel the breeze as it blew the pages of my journal, see the islands peeking out of the glistening Marmara Sea, hear the seagulls barking and the children playing and chattering in Turkish at the nearby playground… Even though I wasn’t really there, for a couple minutes this morning, I was refreshed by recalling these welcome senses.

How I miss my beloved Istanbul…


Making himself known

Greg and I were up later last night than usual. Around midnight, I started to feel what I thought was our little boy moving around quite aggressively inside. I put my hand on my ever-increasing bump, and sure enough, he was pushing out all over the place. I excitedly grabbed Greg’s hand, and before he knew it, he was in awe at his son’s little pushes and kicks (or head butts or whatever he was up to). What a thrilling discovery! In retrospect, I have definitely felt him moving at other times over the past few weeks, but last night was the much anticipated confirmation everyone had assured me would come one day. A sweet answer to prayer.

In other news, Greg and I are pretty sure we’ve settled on a first name, and we’re trying out a few middle names, one being the definite favorite. I’ll have to check with him to see if he’s ready for me to share them with the world wide web yet. If you’re curious and just can’t wait until we share it online, ask one of us. I’ll give you a few hints – the first name starts with an N, has three syllables, and was originally a Hebrew name. The middle name is Turkish (though I think originally Arabic), has two syllables, and has a meaning that is particularly dear to my scholarly husband. :)