Autumn 2012

Autumn 2012 flew by.  As soon as we were settled into our home, Gregory and I both continued in language school.  And then October brought us our big news: a June baby!  With lots of illness for me during the first trimester, we simply survived each month, especially late October through early January.  Here are a few pictures from September through Christmas.

We discovered the local water park!

Nathanael's first chocolate chip cookies!

 Saturday morning pancakes!
 A Simit date with Mom after a stop at the local market
Cuddling with his animals
Fun in the sand on a chilly autumn day
Mom made a big mistake on his haircut, accidentally had the guard on its lowest setting!
Helping make dinner, showing Dad that he gets to wash the brocolli
Lunch and books on the balcony (with Mr. Bear, of course)
A BK date with Mom
Our news (which we made known around December 8th)!
Probably his last sandbox fun for the season
A family hike near the Lainzer Tiergarten
Winter has arrived.
Winter colds
Nathanael earned an ice cream cone for good behavior!
Our church small group, minus one
We decorated the American way, right after Thanksgiving!  (We also hosted some Austrian/German friends for a big Thanksgiving dinner, but sadly, we forgot to take pictures.)