My favorite birthday card

I checked mail today (we check about once a week...when we're good). I had some sweet birthday cards which made my heart smile. This one was by far my favorite though:
The note on the plastic bag says this:


"Dear Postal Customer:

"We sincerely regret the damage to your mail during handling by the Postal Service. We hope this incident did not inconvenience you. We realize that your mail is important to you and that you have every right to expect it to be delivered in good condition.

"Although every effort is made to prevent damage to the mail, occasionally this will occur because of the great volume handled and the rapid processing machine which must be employed to assure the most expeditious distribution possible.

"We hope you understand. We assure you that we are constantly striving to improve our processing methods in order that even a rare occurrence may be eliminated.

"Please accept our apologies.


"Your Plant Manager
Processing & Distribution"

I admit that I would have preferred Tom Hanks to have shown up at my door with a mangled Wilson, but what can you expect? Every one (and thing) makes mistakes. I do wish a real person had signed their name or something though. And I can't help but wonder, "Why did it have to be my birthday card from my parents instead of one of those stupid pieces of spam mail?!" Oh well!

PS -- Mom & Dad, thanks for the sweet card & note (what I could read, that is). About that check and giftcard...


Happy Birthday, Beloved!

When I asked Greg how we wanted to celebrate his birthday this year, he said he wanted a little dessert party. He really just wanted to have everyone sing him that "little diddy" on his birthday. So here he is in his moment.
Being Greg, posing for the camera before blowing out the candles
You probably cannot tell from the picture below, but our friends Nick and Deborah came wearing stickers of Greg with Happy Birthday written on them! They won "best dressed" award that night!

My beloved, I celebrate your life every day, but you know how much I love having a special day just to celebrate you! Happy Birthday (now over two weeks late on our blog)!


If only dreams could come true...

Last Thursday night, I had an amazing dream. In my dream, I was packing for a week-long vacation to Florida! It was wonderful... I remember trying to decide whether I should wear flip-flops to the airport so that I'd have them when I got off the plane in balmy Florida. (If only I could really wear flip-flops in Boston right now!) And I remember dreaming that I had arrived and was having a hard-time finding the place I was staying. But I didn't care because IT WAS WARM! This Boston winter is so brutal!

The view I wish I had right now...