Kitten Keepers

Ayse LOVES Greg's leather chair! Unfortunately, it's mostly forbidden for her to be on it. We just couldn't resist taking a picture of her all curled up on it though.
Ayse helps me pay the bills...

Our cat loves to play cards too!
She's discovered the throne.


welcome to winter...

It seems that New England finally decided to welcome the winter. On my walk home from work last night, I blindly stepped into a puddle of friendly slush which decided to go over the top of my boots and keep my toes company. I could've done without that the rest of the walk home... But then, other friendly puddles somehow found my seemingly irresistable toes later as well. So we FINALLY got snow yesterday! Only a few inches, but it was still exiting. Unfortunately, the temperature was fluctuating so much that it kept melting and freezing throughout the afternoon and night. This morning, my wonderful husband generously suggested he let me take the car to work intead of making me trompse through the slush again. Another surprise: I couldn't get the doors open! :) A neighbor even brought out some hot water to help - to no avail. Of course, I don't know if I would've even gotten the car to move as our entire street was a sheet of ice, and my tires were stuck in it! Aaah! I gave up and ice skated to work instead. Have you ever seen me attempt to ice skate? It's quite a site. But I still love New England!


Cheers to Mandi!

Yesterday was Mandi Myers' 26th birthday! So I would like to take a moment and reflect on this dear friend and wonderfully beautiful woman. Mandi is a treasure; all who know her would agree, I'm certain of it. Sweetness simply oozes out of her! :) Mandi has a gentle spirit, full of Life and Love and Grace from our God within her. She truly seeks the Lord's kingdom above all else in her life. She delights in serving and blessing others. (Jeff, you're soooo blesesed to have her!!!) Her heart longs for and seeks out Christian fellowship--deep heart-felt life-sharing with other brothers and sisters. Mandi knows about sacrificial love and is willing to give whatever necessary to love others, especially her dear family. Mandi is humble and looks for areas in her life where Christ is maturing her and calling her to greater obedience. And Mandi is a TON OF FUN! She knows how to laugh and giggle and play and dream... (And she loves chocolate and ice cream! Wahoo!!!) I sure miss you, Mandi-girl. I'm thankful you have Jeff by your side. He's your perfect match!



Greg & I are taking a class together this semester - Christianity & the Problem of Racism. (Don't tell, but I'm actually sitting in the class right now.) It's been an incredible opportunity for us to confront, discuss, and get involved together in a major U.S. issue. Two of the books we've read for the course already (okay, so Greg really read them; I just read the reviews...) have been incredible eye-openers for me to from where this awful issue or racism comes and how deceived the conservative consensus today is regarding the status of racism in our country. (If you're interested in either of these perspectives, I'd highly recommend these books -- Racism: A Short History by George Frederickson (2003) and Whitewashing Race: The Myth of a Color-Blind Society, Univ. of California Press (2005) written by a group of authors, professors, politicians, etc.) It definitely makes us think...and dream and plan...about how to be a part of the reconciliation instead of inactive by-standers and thus part of the problem.

Last night in class, we spent a good deal of time looking at how the Bible often deals with sin, the crucifixion, and reconciliation in corporate terms. Our American culture (and often-times our Christian culture) has focused so heavily on individualism to the exclusion of our corporate identities. (My love for community and experience living in a less-individualistic country definitely cheered for this lecture/discussion!) As a white Christian, what does this mean for me? My obligation to reach out to the victims of the Holocaust, Apartheid, African American Slavery, and now the racism that thus remains in the U.S. today? My obligation to even apologize? Something to think about, friends. Something to lay before the throne of our Lord and be ready to do whatever necessary to show God's heart of love and reconciliation...


Misafir geliyor!!!

I finally checked email today...it'd been too many days. And I had an exciting email awaiting me from our Turkish friend, Eylem! She's coming to visit next month!!! :) Greg & I met Eylem at a Starbucks in Northville, Michigan while she was working at a German company near where we were living. She became a dear dear friend in the few months we were able to get to know each other. Though she's living and working in Germany again, she's coming to the States on a business trip and is going to head up to Boston to say hello! Yea!!! I'm so thrilled that we live in a cool place - people actually want to visit us! (If you're reading this and you haven't come to visit you, what are you waiting for?!)


Ayse's Growing

Ayse is now 12 weeks old. (She was born November 10th-ish.) She's growing so fast! Here are a few more pictures of our little one from last weekend.

Pix - Gre'g's 26th & Christmas

So Greg & Ang are watching the third Lord of the Rings movie. They're such an entertaining duo those two. :) I thought this would be a good opp to share some fun pictures from our Christmas travels (unfortunately, I don't have pictures with all our family and friends) and Greg's bday. Hope you enjoy!

Angie & I took Greg to Texas Roadhouse for a birthday steak.

A little too much birthday fun...

The Gimple cousins on Christmas Day :)

Greg got to shoot clay pigeons with Drew, my dad, & Uncle Bob.

I don't think the rabbit was smiling...

The Gimler (Gimple + Miller) Family - Christmas Day 2006

Another weekend

Just another weekend, we could say... Greg & I slept in (with our only interruption being our little kitten knocking over the mirror we've yet to hang...about 5am). Ang came over for a late brunch of pancakes, eggs, & bacon. (Cheers for chocolate chip pancakes - Thanks, Jessie, for reminding me how much I love them!) Greg & I still marvel at the taste of bacon - much missed in Turkey. But we miss Turkey more... An understatement... Here're a couple pictures of Ayse when we first adopted her (two weeks ago). She's so big now!!!