Boston comes to us

We were so blessed to have dear friends from Boston visit us this month!  The time together was incredibly encouraging.  We "get" each other in so many ways, and having young kids together (the joys and frustrations) only adds to that.  We're so thankful for their visit and will treasure the days together for years to come.

We attempted to show them the typical Vienna for tourists while also throwing in our beloved Vienna for families.  I'd say it was a successful time together -- full of fun and laughter and even some tears.

Typical Nathanael, climbing a rock in the center of Vienna
In St. Stephan's Cathedral.  I'm sure they were discussing something of immense consequence.
The four littles having fun together in our home
Nathanael was "working on his letters" while waiting for his buddy to wake up one day.
(Jet lag is no joke with two little ones!)
The girls, just chillin' while Dad and Nathanael rode bumper cars and the other big brother and parents were riding the Riesenrad

 And of course we had to take them on the Prater train.  The boys were getting tired at this point.
 We can't wait to make more memories together!


Third conference in two months!

Evangeline loves to sleep with one hand behind her back.  Here she was, completely sacked out (and sick) at our organization's annual conference in Germany.  She and I were both sick and thus spent a lot of time in our hotel room.
And do you see a trend?  Here she is sacked out on Dad on the busride back to the airport.  I'm not so sure Dad wasn't snoozing as well.
And that is all I have to report on the week-long conference.  We were EXHAUSTED!  But we're thankful that we made it through this season of work conferences.  Although valuable, these things are really tough with young kids!