Baby showers and fun decorations

I have so many friends due in February! It's been exciting to watch them progress in their pregnancies and celebrate their awaited sons and daughters through baby showers. I had a ton of fun making banana bread cupcakes for my friend and co-worker Janine. Ignore the platter they're on; it's just for easy transport, and I got lazy when I decided to take some pictures. The little boy bums spell out a nickname Janine has given to her son, so we'll set them out in order. The diaper bundles are a simpler variation of the amazing diaper cakes that are all the rave right now.Yea for all of these friends for our little one!

27 weeks and growing!

Last time I spoke to my sister, she asked me to send her another "baby bump" picture. I felt a little guilty not actually posting the picture for all of you out there who keep asking, so here it is.

27 weeks pregnant - a lot changes in a month!

I admit that when I looked at these pictures after Greg took them, I gasped! Am I really that big?! What a shock! haha I can't believe we only have three months left until we get to meet our little guy! How amazingly grateful we are to God for this gift of life inside of me.


Cloth Diaper Sadness

I have been seriously looking into cloth diapers the past week or so. I have really really really wanted to make it work. And I know if I were willing to make some major time and money sacrifices, it could work. Greg and I cringe thinking about all of the diapers we'll be adding to the environment. But here's where we get in trouble with cloth diapers -- we use a laundromat (and they are not cheap in this area), and our future has so much unknown as to in what part of the world we might even be living. So I bore down this afternoon and did the calculations. Hands down, for the first six months at least, cloth diapering will be extremely more expensive, almost even double the cost (mostly due to having to use a laundromat and thus needing to buy more in quantity as well as pay more to wash each time). And that's why I'm sad. Should we find ourselves in an apartment with an option to buy a washer and dryer (or even better with one included) after baby boy is born, I will definitely recalculate and hopefully be able to make the switch. But until then, we'll be making our awfully large contribution to the diaper waste in our country... *big sigh*

Of course, if you have figured out a way to make laundromats and newborns and cloth diapers work for you, I would love to hear about it (unless your solution includes a cheap laundromat, going more than twice a week, or being okay with the excessively higher cost)!