Post-vacation highlights

It's always difficult to return from vacation, but we have managed to re-enter the real world and settle into some nice routines.

Nathanael is telling me about what it's like to be in the big kid classroom at Kindergarten!

My little musician
We had a Mom and Kids date to KIKA (think a small IKEA), and we came home with this great scooter.  It was a whopping 10 Euros, and this little non-walker scooted all over the toy section of the store on it.  I was impressed and whipped out my wallet.  I think this little "car" has changed her world.  She can follow her brother all over the house on wheels.  And she loves to stand and play with higher objects with the security of the "car" beneath her.  What a surprise blessing!
Oh, and look what happens when Nathanael is at Kindergarten!



Staying in Summer in Side

Okay, to be completely honest, I'm writing this post in August 2015, a week before we return to Side for our 2015 vacation there.  I can hardly wait to be here again...  I'm back-dating this in order to have it in the right place for the kids' memory books. :)  Have I mentioned how much I can't wait to be here again IN ONE WEEK?!!!

Usually, I stayed in the hotel room with Eva in the morning for her nap while Nathanael and Dad headed to the beach.  This one morning, we swapped, and Nathanael and I had a blast together.  Here he is waiting at the hotel's beach restaurant for ice cream hour.  Yes, that's right.  They served ice cream twice a day, and we tried to catch it as often as possible!
20140911_095157 20140911_100315 
The teeny tiny view of the sea from our balcony:
Half the fun for me of going to an all-inclusive resort is the break from cooking and cleaning!  We love eating Turkish food for over a week straight!
20140911_115940 20140911_115943 
Enjoying the hotel's Kids' Club
And hours upon hours spent here in the kids' pool, playing and making friends
Learning to swim in one of the big pools
Family fun at the beach
20140911_161917 20140911_161952 20140911_164914
A family favorite is sunset walks on the beach after dinner.  Unfortunately we waited to take these pictures until it was already too dark!  Haha!
 And finally, here's a link to my post from our 2013 trip.
Yea for Family Vacations in Side, Turkey!
(I think this may sadly be our last one.)


How we ended August from my phone's perspective

Phone photos from the last two weeks...

I think he's pretty handsome in my glasses!

We spent the morning at our favorite park - Kurpark Oberlaa!
Of course, the only photo I took was on the bus on the way there.  Oops!
Then that evening, Gregory joined us for an outing to the Belvedere Palace at sunset.
 She was exhausted on the tramride home!
 A couple days later, Mom made oatmeal cookies, and Evangeline was a huge fan!
"Save me, Mom!"
Yes, Nathanael is in his undies, tackling Dad and Mr. Bear.
Nathanael and I had a date to IKEA!  I love watching this boy create.
 And Evangeline has really been into the blocks lately, especially fitting the different shapes into the proper holes on the lid.  I'm so proud of her!