The Fray in Concert

Greg & I had an AMAZING date last night! We saw The Fray live at The Tweeter Center in Mansfield, Mass (south of Boston). It was incredible! A grand piano took center stage, and they had these awesome huge lanterns that hung over the band on a few songs - great mood setters! We would definitely recommend The Fray live. Mae opened for them (one of our favorite bands), and another band, Okay Go, played as well. Quite entertaining. Here are a few pictures from the outdoor venue. (Once again, sorry about the quality, but mobile pictures are better than nothing!)


Colorado Pictures - Take Three

Denver International Airport - We love Hertz!
Dinner with the Forsythes in some Colorado town
Can you guess who the ranglers are?

Mom & her girls (freezing by the way) on the Divide
Our cabin and entourage
Colorado showers and grilling
Gimple, Prigel, & Miller parents
Dad in Kansas

Colorado Pictures - Take Two

Fern Falls - Rocky Mountain National Park
Drew, Carrie, Kim, Greg
Drew & Greg celebrating reaching the top.

Hiking in Rocky Mountain National Park

Trying new tastes at New Belgium Brewery - Fort Collins
We really weren't posing...
Hanging out in our cabin
Dinner with the Forsythes - The Girls
Greg & Kim riding through the Collegiate Peaks
Daddy & his girls eating ice cream
Carrie & Drew at the Continental Divide
Our nightly smores in our cabin
Caught playing see-saw

My Summer Style

For you, Carrie:


Colorado Pictures - Take One

(These pictures are from my phone, so the quality's pretty poor.
For now, they'll have to do.)
Fern Falls in Rocky Mountain National Park -
Drew, Carrie, Greg, and I hiked here.
The Collegiate Peaks in the background.
Church in Parker with the ENGLISHES! At the top, the Divide
Grabbing coffee in Historic Downtown Golden

Meeting famous Aubrea at her place in Boulder


Home Again

We're back! Vacation was WONDERFUL! I doubt we'll have pictures to post before next weekend, but I assure you we'll post a ton of them! Ayse is happy to be home and have us home (and us her as well), but she was in GREAT hands with Bryan, Katie, and their cat Nino. Miss you, family & CO friends!