9 years

Nine years ago, we said, "I do."
 We celebrated with a quiet evening and a bottle of champagne, both rarities in our home. :)


Making strides

Out of desperation, we finally purchased a second-hand walker for Eva.  She absolutely loves it!  It is the first time she's shown much consistent interest and perseverance in standing and getting around on her feet.  We are excited for her.  And of course, it was fun that the seller turned out to be a sweet Turkish mom in a neighboring district!

These two are so much fun.  After Evangeline and I pick up Nathanael from Kindergarten, we often spend a bit of time in our home park before nap/quiet time.


Summer fun

Nathanael drew this the day Grandpa and Grandma left.  Apparently it's Grandpa and Grandma on top and Nathanael on the bottom.  He misses them so much!

And this remains our favorite summer activity -- sandbox in the shade!  Fortunately, we have a plethora of parks nearby from which to choose, so we can almost always find a suitable one.