20 weeks

Since you all have been asking...
Here's my baby bump at 20 weeks.


Early Thanksgiving Dinner

Greg and I slaved away in the kitchen last night to prepare for our dinner party tonight. We are finally having our upstairs neighbors over for dinner. I had been struggling with knowing what to make these three Tufts international students -- two Frenchmen and one Turk -- but then we thought of creating a mini Thanksgiving feast. I had a blast last night (and Greg pretended to enjoy it even though it was not his idea of a fun evening) making pumpkin roll, baking a turkey breast, and prepping a handful of other dishes for tonight. I only had a few moments of freak-out as I thought about how incredible both French and Turkish cuisine are compared to my half-effort dinner. But Greg was quick to remind me that college boys are always happy for a free meal. Let's hope I don't offend their taste buds! Since Greg and I are going to Erie, PA this Thanksgiving to be with my family, it's fun still being able to host a piece of Thanksgiving in our home. I wish we could invite all of you over tonight! (But our little home will be packed to the max with five people!)

I can't wait to eat pumpkin roll!!!


Meet Baby King

Adorable facial profile picture
A cute little foot just waiting to be tickled
Can you guess the gender from this one?
(Hint: the picture is taken from below looking up.)
Meet our little boy at 18 weeks, 2 days
I think he looks like Greg!

We're so thankful for how God has sustained and grown this little guy thus far!


Oh if only we had backed up our computer...

Our other blog-worthy event from our trip to Nashville is that of our computer hard drive crashing. I tried all of the trouble-shooting suggestions online to no avail. In fact, I couldn't even find the hard drive to "repair" it as they were instructing. We took it in to the Apple store today, and they determined that the hard drive has a mechanical failure. Ugh! Our "Genius" (as they call the techies who help you at the store) was great, and after attempting to recover the data himself, he referred us to a couple companies to contact for more complex data recovery. He set us up for our free replacement as soon as we're ready. And he even suggested that NEXT TIME, we buy an external hard drive and back up our computer regularly. ha ha The thing is, we'd been planning to do just that for the last ten months. We had even decided which one to buy... But we mistakenly assumed that our computer was still new enough that we could safely put it off a little longer. Boy, were we wrong!

So from one blogger who has lost all pictures, music, documents, papers, financials, etc. to a friend who has hopefully not experienced this, I urge you with fervency to stop putting off your computer back-up and do it NOW. You will not regret it.

Airport Security?

Greg and I flew to Nashville on Wednesday for a conference. We had a great time reconnecting with some friends there and were thankful to be able to attend. Our stop-overs going and returning were both in Detroit, and we had a four hour lay-over on the way home on Friday. Greg's parents were able to pick us up in Detroit, and we had a wonderful dinner together at a nearby restaurant before heading back to the airport to return to Boston.

We had absolutely no trouble getting back in the Detroit airport, no problems with security. In fact, there was hardly anyone there at 8:00pm on a Friday, so we had 5-6 security officers assisting and chatting with us. As our plane was beginning to board, Greg and I pulled out our boarding passes to make sure we were sitting by each other. We were completely confused to not see our Detroit to Boston flight on my boarding pass. We knew we'd only received one boarding pass each so why were they different? I searched my bag for a second boarding pass, all the while knowing I didn't have one. But then I pulled one out of a book I had been reading on the last flight. We looked at the two boarding passes side by side and realized that I had gotten into the Detroit airport on the boarding pass of my seatmate from the prior leg!!! (Apparently I had picked it up and thought it was mine.) And you know what was even crazier than them not realizing my ID didn't match? My seatmate's trip ENDED in Detroit, so they shouldn't have even let me back in through the airport security on that boarding pass.

We were shocked, and I am still shocked as I write this. It definitely drives home the point that you really need to keep track of your boarding pass. It wouldn't be difficult for someone to fly as you!