Our Boston, Off to New York

Greg and I are on a bus to New York City! Yea!!! (BoltBus is definitely the way to go; wireless internet, electrical outlets, and a clean and comfortable vessel.)

We recently drove past the Charles, and I watched the rowers and kayak-ers enjoying their early morning exercise. Something about the beauty (and quietness) of Boston in the early morning hours made me reflective and reminiscent. I started thinking about how much I will miss Boston when we leave one day. (We have no idea when that will be, but it's likely to happen.) I realized that I've now lived in Boston longer than I lived in Waco, TX and Istanbul, Turkey. I've been at my current job for three years now (to the date), longer than I've ever worked anywhere. We've really put down some deep roots here with friends who have walked with us through some really trying and celebratory times, and us with them as well. I actually started to cry as our bus moved on and the Charles was no longer in sight.

But then I thought about how this next year in Boston will greatly deepen the relationships we have here, how we'll meet even more new people and have the privilege of helping them make a home here in Boston, and how we'll make lifelong memories together of our fifth year of marriage and fourth year in Boston. And I smiled.

But enough about Boston. We're off to the Big Apple, and I'm giddy with excitement. Have I mentioned that we get to stay at the Grand Hyatt tonight for free?!?! Yep, I actually WON a free night at any Hyatt in the world! We have a dinner reservation at 44&X in Hell's Kitchen. (Thanks, Steve, for the recommendations!) We plan to have lunch at the Olive Garden when we arrive in a few hours. (I know, it's a little lame to go to a chain restaurant. But I absolutely LOVE Olive Garden's salad and bread sticks, and we don't have one close to us.) And we'll spend most of the afternoon traipsing around Central Park, 5th Avenue, and wherever else we choose to explore.

Oh, and to all of you dear friends in New York, I'm so sorry we can't visit you this time. We're barely there for a day, but next time we'll look you up!


Happy 4th, Love!

Four years ago today, I committed to love you and
stand beside you for as long as we both shall live.
I could never ask for a better best friend.
You inquire, listen, share, lead, apologize, forgive,
laugh, cry, sing, and dream with love.I know with full confidence that you will stay with me
no matter what comes our way.
Thank you for loving me through it all.
I love you more than ever before.

Happy 4th Anniversary, Greg!

A Baker's Dozen + 1, Colorado Pictures

I've been putting off choosing pictures to blog from our Colorado family vacation for weeks now. But I finally decided today to just choose a dozen pictures and let that be all. So here goes. (How am I going to choose just twelve?!)

We stayed in a ski condo near Winter Park (in Fraser). It was the perfect set-up for three couples - 3 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms. The view of the mountains was breathtaking.

This picture's actually in Rocky Mountain National Park though.
Family picture
(Drew, Dad, Greg
sis Carrie, Mom, me)
Family picture, not so composed
We had the perfect mix of activity and relaxing. Greg took a little time to study, we all watched a decent amount of TV, naps were taken... But we also hit the Winter Park alpine slide, crossed whitewater rafting off our bucket list (picture above), and well, I'll let you see the rest in pictures.

The girls (hmmm, do we look alike?)

The boys (4-wheeling in Rocky Mountain National Park)
The boys' view on the trail,
looking down on Grand Lake
(where the gals were shopping)

Drew & Carrie
We went downhill mountain biking at Winter Park.
It was awesome, but our dear friend, Aubrea, tumbled and broke her clavicle!

My amazing and incredibly generous parents
(waiting for our fish tacos - they were delicious!)
Mom's first excursion on a ski lift

Elk in Rocky Mountain National Park
(we even saw a couple moose!)
Family hike at the Y
Dad & me at the top of the waterfall
Greg and me, facing off in archery
(I won!!! But I won't rub it in.)
Greg learning to fly fish at the Y lake

The gorgeous Y lake

What an amazing vacation! Such incredible time together as family and a great break from our responsibilities back at home. Thanks, Dad & Mom, for making this happen!

Well, I ALMOST did it. A baker's dozen + 1.

Setting Captives Free

I just received word of two incredible rescues which happened last night in two countries. "As a result of last night’s [International Justice Mission] operations, 27 children and young women are now free, and eleven perpetrators are in police custody. The conditions in these brothels were cruel and brutal, but these girls and young women are now safe and the journey toward full justice has begun."

Click here to read a short blog entry about these amazing success story.


Back from our Colorado vacation and...

It's been over a month since I've posted anything on our blog. My Google Reader tells me I have 200 unread posts to catch up on. (That's a lot for me!) My home inbox is bursting with unread messages (and that's after deleting all the unimportant stuff). And I haven't really looked at Facebook for who knows how long. Where do I begin?!

I think I'll have a bowl of ice cream and pull out some books I'm reading. But don't you worry, all you fellow bloggers; I will read your posts soon. Just give me a few more days. I'm still pretending I'm on vacation.

Good ol' chocolate ice cream, The Pursuit of God, My Utmost for His Highest, and 2 Corinthians...here I come.