Autumn Joy

Apple-picking in North Andover with the Cioffis
Many more pictures to come, but I couldn't wait to post this one!


Vienna for the Holidays

We're off to Boston on Friday for a few weeks.  I can hardly wait to see all my dear friends there.  It will be surreal!  And hopefully the autumn weather will be in full force.  I love Boston in the early autumn...

But as exciting as that is (and it really is!), we have an even bigger trip quickly approaching about which I cannot help but post:  We're off to Vienna on October 17th!!!

We're not actually moving to Austria quite yet, but we're going for two and a half months to take a couple intensive German courses and then apply for our residence permits.  Despite the hard work of learning German (which we both love actually), we are so excited to have this time to begin to know Vienna, meet our colleagues there, and simply get a feel for where God has called us to live.

This decision came about somewhat quickly within the last week.  A couple weeks ago, we were informed of a newly released requirement for our Austrian residence permits:  we both must prove A1 proficiency (in EU standards) in German before applying for our residence permits on January 2!  This is estimated to take around 200 hours of language study or about two months of full-time study.  After much prayer and discussion with colleagues, we decided the best way to assure our success is to spend two months learning German in Vienna before applying for residence.  The pressure of learning the language is simply too great for us not to go and immerse ourselves in the language; we cannot move to Austria in 2012 if we do not pass our exam in December!!

So even though I've fallen away from posting much on this blog recently (do you see why now?!), I can assure you that come the end of October, I should have some great stories and pictures to share!

On a completely unrelated note, here are two picture of Nathanael helping Greg wash the car on Saturday.  He was so busy working that I couldn't get him to look at the camera!