11 new videos

Here are the most recent videos of Nathanael. They are all only 5-30 seconds. (I think most of them automatically published to Facebook as well.) If you only want to watch one or two, I would highly suggest the highchair sounds videos or the Cheerio eating one. The others are entertaining as well, but then, I AM his mother so I might be partial.

Books, and more books

I think Nathanael learned how to organize his books from his daddy.
Okay, maybe Greg is a little more organized than that.


He's growing too fast!

Something about this picture makes Nathanael look so grown up. I love the picture. I'm not too excited about how fast he is growing though!


Creativity Points

So maybe it's not the traditional way to play the piano, but you have to admit it's quite cute.


Kissable skin

Delighting in the simple things:
running around without clothes!


Dear Nathanael (9 months)

My dearest Nathanael,

You are nine months old! And what a delight you are, my son! I cannot believe all that you have learned and accomplished in the last month. You have truly graduated from "baby" to "little boy" status.

We actually had to buy you a bigger carseat this month, since you maxed out your infant one, now weighing 20-21 pounds (50-60th percentile) and measuring around 28.5 inches in length (60th percentile). I can hardly believe that you are now eating finger foods. You are quite limited in what you can eat though, since you still don't have any teeth! Significant new foods for you this month included cheese (yum!!!), chicken and turkey, and blueberries. Grandma says that you are not into your bottle much anymore; you actually prefer your sippy cup now. Where has our little baby gone?!

You began the new year by taking off crawling. Shortly after that, you learned how to pull yourself up to stand on almost anything your height or shorter. I will never forget stepping into your room at the end of one of your naps and finding you standing in the corner of your crib with a huge smile on your face! We definitely had a couple days of multiple bumps and bruises before you learned how to sit back down well. Walking (with the aid of our fingers) remains one of your favorite activities, though it's actually running that gets you to giggle with glee. And put a toy in front of you while you're walking, and you'll have fun kicking it around the room. You remain a great, long night sleeper, with the occasional interruption now and then, and you're sticking to two naps now without exception.

Your communication skills are absolutely exploding! You let out a high pitched squeak to the cat (your version of "meow"), say a short "ahr" to the dog (your version of "arf"), say "dada" constantly, and have begun using inflection in your babbling strings so that you sound like you're telling stories. You understand so many words we say! When we ask, you turn off lights, knock over towers of toys, clap, give high fives, and wave bye-bye. You know the actions for "Trot, trot to Boston" and throw yourself backwards with glee. You are also really understanding what to do with certain toys. My favorites are watching you pull out your drum and begin hitting it and seeing you move your cars and trucks (and other random toys for that matter) back and forth across the floor. Oh, and we cannot forget about your first experiences understanding the word "no," though it doesn't really stop you yet.

This last month included a special holiday: We celebrated your first Christmas together! Though you definitely are not able to understand what nor why we celebrated, you enjoyed having an entire week to play with Uncle Drew, Aunt Carrie, and their two labs. And you were able to spend a few days with many of Mama's extended family, including your great grandparents on Mama's side. We greatly look forward to reintroducing you to your grandparents in Michigan this next month! What a special few weeks we have ahead of us!

Nathanael Alim, what an amazing blessing to have you as part of our little family! We thank God for the gift of you. Happy nine months, son!

your daddy and mommy

Nathanael Alim - 9 month old
And a few outtakes:


First Piano Lesson

Lesson #1: Play gently, Nathanael. Not so hard, dear.


A boy and his dog(s)

Drew and Carrie brought along their two labs when they visited for Christmas. They're a little (okay, a lot) calmer than Grandpa & Grandma's lab, so we allowed them to be around Nathanael some. Watch the progression of Nathanael's comfort with them in these pictures.

He was actually crawling over to the dog in this picture.


Recent Nathanael developments

Nathanael began crawling on January 1st. A few days ago he discovered how much fun it is to climb and pull up on things. And he does not care about stability. That means he's constantly falling and bumping EVERYTHING! He's also getting into anything within sight and reach! It's hilarious. (And it's also a tad bit challenging as I'm not sure how to help him understand his boundaries at this age.)

He also has graduated from Momma's arms to the church nursery for Sunday morning church gatherings. And he did alright this morning. He hit his head within the first ten seconds which wasn't the best beginning (big pouty face and tears and lots of Momma hugs), but shortly after that, one of the nursery workers brought him a fun toy, and a little toddler girl walked over and sat and played with him -- two great distractions. I was able to sneak out with no problem.

And wow is he learning and understanding quickly now. One of our favorites is that he anticipates the ending of one of his little nursery rhymes (not sure if that's what to call it) - "Trot, trot to Boston." At the end, when we say, "or you might fall in," Greg leans him back so he's almost upside down. Nathanael barely makes it through the first line before throwing his head back in anticipation. It's hilarious! He recently learned how to clap, and he loves flipping off the lights when we leave a room. He will knock down a stack of toys or blocks when we say, "Knock it down." He says, "Dada" all the time, but I think he has almost no understanding of the meaning. He also loves babbling "blah, blah". And he understands that when we say, "Good job!" he has done something right. He smiles really big and gets excited.

And of course, he's learning how to make his desires known with lots of loud grunting and protesting. Oh my goodness. Are we really ready for this?

And here's an older picture (from some sick days in early December) to make this post better:

Bonding over Books

And the newspaper too


Admiring Auntie Carrie

And admiring her long, dark hair!Okay, maybe that wasn't such a great idea.

Walk, walk, walk

This boy LOVES to walk. Watch out if you're around him. He'll grab your fingers and expect you to walk him around for hours!

Walking with his buddy, cousin Audra
Hoping Auntie Carrie will get off her knees and REALLY walk him
Bonding with Uncle Drew
Roping Dad in on the fun