Camping Pictures

Last weekend and this weekend

So last weekend, I took Friday off. It was an amazing four-day weekend! Greg and I spent the afternoon at Nahant Beach and then left in the evening with Ang for a camping trip with our church. We should've taken pictures at both, but alas, we have none. (Maybe we'll grab some off of facebook.) Highlights? Greg won "poison ball" croquet, played volleyball, and had a smoke down by the creek. I enjoyed the sound of the creek at night and during my mid-day nap. :) Could've done without all the mosquitos!!! We had a great time getting to know some people at our church better, and it was our first time to use our tent!

THIS WEEKEND WE'RE FLYING TO COLORADO!!!!! We leave Saturday morning, fly into Denver, get to see great friends - Millers, Prigels, Englishes, Aubs, Forsythes - and are staying in the mountains with MY FAMILY! Yeah for family vacations! We're also hoping to hit the New Belgium Brewery in Fort Collins -- Fat Tire and Sunshine!!! -- and we're stopping through Estes for a night. I can't wait! Now I just have to make it through two more crazy days at work...

Do you have any fun vacation plans for the summer? (Come visit us in Boston!)


A huge gift

See the big crack on the right side below the bridge? Yeah, not a good thing. Greg's Ovation has been having some BIG problems lately, and the poor sound techs at church have not had fun working with it either.

Well, here's his new guitar!!!

We bought it in New Hampshire today! God provided in unimaginable ways for us to invest in this, and it's such an exciting gift! We trust God will use this as an instrument for His glory...
Greg has hardly put it down since we got home... It sounds amazing!


Tufts at Pops

Through the generosity of Tufts, Greg & joined some of my co-workers for Tufts at Pops last night. The famous Boston Pops lived up to their name! And Conductor Keith Lockhart was quite the entertainer! We meant to take a picture of us in front of Symphony Hall, but it was really windy and cold. Maybe next time. ;)

Annual Zombie March

Greg & I had one of those "only in Boston" moments last weekend. We were walking in Cambridge with our friends Dan & Ann, actually on our way to an Arts Festival at our church. And a guy runs past us looking really disoriented and with a huge spot of what looks like blood on his shirt. The four of us look at each other like "What the heck just happened to him?" And then we see police cars a couple blocks ahead and a massive group of people with signs walking towards us. Next thing we know, we're about to run into a crowd of hundreds of "zombies" who are making their annual march for who-knows-what. Let's just say we quickly crossed to the OTHER side of the street and waited until the long line of marchers had dwindled before attempting to continue on to church. Words cannot express the peculiarity of this scene. They'd painted their skin white, tattered their clothes, covered themselves in "blood", were walking slowly and limping, chanting odd things... One word comes to mind - CREAPY. Though Greg & I have encountered many an odd scene here in Boston, this definitely topped the charts!



So I promise I don't work at Starbucks, but I sure do look the part, don't I? :) Greg and I laughed that my work outfit fit the Barista role perfectly this day! (Ang gave me one of her Barista aprons since I could never find one I liked.)