A Special Stop Before the Mountains

We love that one set of my grandparents lives in Western Kansas because every time we go to Colorado, we also get to spend time with them!

Father's Day breakfast with Dad and Great-Grandpa
Nathanael was watching Great-Grandma closely.
Riding in Great-Grandpa's golf cart
(I think he would have liked it more if it made a "vroom vroom" noise!)

And of course, Nathanael had to assist cousin Lane with his piano performance. I think this is actually a picture of him grunting and pointing for his book which is on the piano.
We love our dear families!


Four new video clips

Just posted a few more video clips to youtube. Here they are for those of you following along on the blog. (Facebook friends, you'll have to visit our blog at http://yekingsofnewengland.blogspot.com to access them.)

Nathanael has such a boisterous laugh when he's imitating adults laughing. It's contagious!

We made homemade ice cream for Memorial Day, and Nathanael was entertained by an ice cube for quite a while.

You can't see the actual bears, but Nathanael's absolute favorite part of the zoo was the bear exhibit. Here he is growling.

I love watching Nathanael run around the house, and this pull-behind toy is a favorite running companion of his. (25 cents at a garage sale!)


Adventures of a 13-month old

Here are the latest pictures to tell you the story of Nathanael's adventures.

Climbing (on boxes, furniture, trees, etc.)
Splashing in the Pool
Playing with silverware (definitely NOT using it properly yet)
Playing with dirt
And we can't forget Mom's attempt at taking passport pictures. What a task with a wiggly little boy!
We miss you, dear family and friends afar! Wish you could join us in our adventures!



Nathanael loves to help Grandpa and Grandma in the garden. He grabs a bucket of his own and dives right in (literally, he is constantly covered in dirt and mud), breaking off the asparagus, spreading the picked weeds around, pulling the petals off of flowers, "planting" rocks. It's a good thing this guy is so loved! :)


First Zoo Trip

We were so excited to see our friends Chase and Bonnie when they were visiting from LA. Unfortunately, we couldn't pull off a trip to Tulsa, so we ended up meeting Chase halfway. The small Kansas town had a random zoo, which Nathanael thoroughly enjoyed.

Here was our first attempt at a picture with the guys.
This one was much better. He needed a little space.
Family photo!
Nathanael absolutely loved the black bears and growled at them the entire time. (The two black spots in the middle left are the bears. The little guy on the right thinks he's a bear.)
I think he might have barked at the peacocks. haha
Three monkeys hanging out together


I love my sleep

I am so out of shape, in terms of depending on my sleep! Nathanael has an ear infection, and last night was the first night of six that he finally slept!!! I feel like a brand new person today after not having to get out of bed once last night! I'm sure he feels much better as well. The poor guy had some really difficult days. Hopefully we're past the worst of it! I think, after that string of sleepless nights, I am all the more convinced that a little brother or sister for Nathanael is a long way off!

Here's our little guy yesterday admiring the leaves above him.
As you can see, sick or not, this boy will be happy outside!


Our Silly Little Bug

This boy is full of silliness. I was able to capture a few funny poses one night. This must have been right around Easter, hence the eggs.
How big is Nathanael?Soooooo big!!!!

The Great Outdoors

It seems many of the pictures I've been taking of Nathanael in the past month or so are outdoors. Here are a few older shots to capture some of his adventures.

He helped Dad fill the rock bed around Easter. Notice the rock in his right hand.
Sitting in a rock bed
Piling rocks in the car (Notice a theme?)Moving rocks from one bed to another
I think he made the "tractor" noise during this entire walk with Grandpa.
Looking afraid that I might take away his rocks
This was my childhood playset!
Playing in the sand!!!
I have no idea what they were looking at, but aren't they cute?