Cuddles with Dad

The moments are now rare when we are able to cuddle Evangeline without her hip brace on.  But when we steal a few minutes, they are notable and memorable.  Like these...


Dear Evangeline (3 months)

Dearest daughter, Evangeline Elif,

Today you are three months old!  What an incredible delight it has been to watch you develop from a dainty little newborn into a three-month-old baby girl.  You constantly melt our hearts with your smiles and coos.  All three of us are enthralled by you, dear.  You are such a beautifully- and wonderfully-made treasure.

This month has brought three major sleep developments for you.  Firstly, you began sleeping 12-13 hours at night, usually only waking once in the middle of the night to eat, sometimes twice.  Then about a week ago, seemingly all of a sudden, you began taking a 1.5-2 hour morning nap!  And finally, we moved you to the children's room two nights ago, and to our surprise, you and Nathanael have both slept quite well through each others' sleep noises and sneezes and cries and conversations/singing.  Despite these huge developments, you still struggle to make it longer than an hour awake during the day.

Nathanael remains extremely proud of you, wanting to show you to everyone we meet, especially in his Kindergarten.  He helps care for you by comforting you when you cry, gently rubbing your head, bringing you toys and your burp rag, and asking often to hold you.  He was so excited to sleep in the same room with you that the first night, after we had already put him to bed and while Mom was nursing you, he called out multiple times, "Where is my Evangeline?!"  You are an adored little sister, dear.

You weigh almost 14 pounds (6.25kg, 80-85th percentile) and measure about 61cm/24 inches (75%).  You are quite consistently nursing five times a day now.  Your neck is getting stronger daily, making it a bit easier to carry you around in the late afternoons when you're quite tired.  Your hips continue to improve, and the doctor is encouraged by their development already.  We are hopeful to say goodbye to your hip brace this next month!

You are quite a content baby, enjoying observing the world around you.  You have discovered your hands and hold toys and bring them to your mouth to explore.  You like to smile at yourself in the mirror, and you simply love carrying on conversations with Dad and Mom.  You are quick to return smiles and have a beautiful sparkle in your eyes.  We've begun to wonder if you may be somewhat of a touch baby as you often cry in loud and stimulating environments, especially with unpredictable noises such as laughter or toys.  Interestingly though, you love going grocery shopping with us, presumably to stare at the store lights above. 

This month we were able to Skype with all the grandparents, uncles and aunties.  Though we wish we could have more time with them in person, we're thankful to stay so well connected in this way.

We love you, sweet Eva, and thank God for your life.  Happy three-month birthday!

your daddy and mommy

Evangeline Elif - 3 month old



I'm ready for vacation!

We're off to the Mediterranean Sea next week!  We've had some cooler weather recently and are greatly looking forward to the beach!


Let's fix those hips!

We had a bit of a surprise at the end of August at a thought-to-be routine examination of Evangeline's hips.  It turns out she has a mild case of hip dysplacia, requiring her to wear a brace night and day to aid in the development of her hips.  The brace is kind of cute, to be honest, but it makes it quite awkward to hold her and cuddle her and nurse her.  We have been learning new ways of doing a lot!  We would appreciate your prayers as we navigate this, mostly that the medical device would work well and quickly and that we would have patience and endurance with all the appointments and caring for Evangeline through this treatment.

This first picture is from her first few minutes with the brace, completely unaffected (thankfully!).
Attempting tummy-time wearing the brace


Time for a new photo

Thanks to a friend at church, we now have a family photo with all four of us!
 And here are the other decent ones from the photo shoot...some good, some just funny.