On the road again

In a few days, we will load up our car and venture out again, this time down I-35 through Oklahoma and into Texas. I have been looking forward to this trip for months, years really. Gregory has never visited my alma matre nor met most of my dear friends down south. Too bad we won't be hitting Baylor's Homecoming!

Other than all of the incredible people we're visiting, I am looking forward to warmer weather (it's snowing in Emporia right now - what?!), pictures of Nathanael in the Texas bluebonnets, and maybe even a Dr. Pepper float during Dr. Pepper Hour at Baylor! Yummm...

I am not looking forward to meltdowns in the car with Nathanael; he is not a fan of his carseat, so this should be quite interesting. I'm not looking forward to a somewhat hectic schedule which will make naptimes and playtimes a little challenging for the little guy. And I am not ready for the shock of potentially hot weather (defined here as 80 degrees or warmer).

So here we go!

The next post on this blog will likely be Nathanael's ONE YEAR BIRTHDAY! Ah!

Here's little Kimi in the Texas bluebonnets at age 14 months (April 1982).


Dear Nathanael (11 Months)

My dearest Nathanael,

You are eleven months old! We celebrate you today and the gift of God that you are to us. We delight in God through your life, dear one.

You seem to have leveled out some in your growth, still measuring around 29 inches (40-50th percentile) and 21 pounds (35-40th percentile). You have almost completely transitioned into table foods now, joining us in eating most of our meals. You especially love mac & cheese, meat (beef, chicken, salmon, pork), potatoes, and green beans! In fact, you prefer to feed yourself now (with finger foods) instead of having us spoon feed you. You are fascinated by silverware but definitely haven't figured out how to use it functionally on your own. Still no teeth!

This month has been quite a busy, busy month for you as you transitioned from crawling everywhere to walking everywhere! It is amazing to watch you waddle, fall, waddle, fall all over the house and yard. You are quite thrilled with yourself in this development as well. Sometimes you almost look like you're running! With your increased mobility, you even managed to unravel an entire roll of toilet paper once before we caught you. With the weather warming some, we have been able to spend more days outside; every day (multiple times) you walk over to the front door and hit on the door to let us know you desperately want to go outside. And one of your favorite things to do outside is ride in the John Deere wagon! You've managed to eat a little dirt and moss already - yuck! And you simply love to take things apart, whether it's emptying drawers and cabinets or unstacking books or toys or moving rocks from a pile. You've figured out how to climb over objects, including climbing up stairs.

Watching how you go down to sleep really shows us how you are growing up. You love your routines and thrive when we're able to stick to them. With our current lifestyle of lots of traveling, this has been difficult at times, but we have been amazed at how well you pop right back after a hard day of traveling. You are aware of when it's time to nap or go to bed and are great about going to sleep (sometimes after playing in your crib for a while, meowing at the animals on your quilt, making your car noises, etc). And to our delight, for the most part, you continue to sleep well, which is no surprise with how active you are all day!

You are communicating more and more each day, pointing being one of your biggest developments this month. You continue to say "dada" and "mama" and "breh" (bread) but haven't really ventured beyond those words. You wave bye-bye and goodnight all the time, play peek-a-boo, and sometimes raise your hands into the air when we ask how big you are. You also make your objections known quite clearly. Unfortunately for you, we don't always let you have your way. (For example, your nails must be clipped, and your diaper must be changed, and you cannot be outside every moment of the day! haha)

Nathanael Alim, we love you, son! Happy eleven months!

your daddy and mommy

Nathanael Alim - 11 month old
And a few outtakes:
"Why is Mr. Bear's foot touching me?!"
Cracking up while kicking Mr. Bear's foot away
Spotting the cat and scheming how to pull out the most hair


A Funny Bedtime Story

Hmmmm... Somehow I'm not sure this bedtime story is really soothing him to sleep. :) At least they're having fun!

(over a month old, from early February)


As of Wednesday, we have a walking boy!

He took his first steps in Michigan at Granddaddy & Grandmom's home. But just a few days ago, he really started walking longer distances and with more stability. Here are four 10 second videos. The last one - Walking to Daddy - is the best!

How to Pray When Disaster Strikes

My friend Audrey Eusey linked to this article - How to Pray When Disaster Strikes - on Facebook today. I found it an extremely thoughtful guide, one I will most definitely be using in the days ahead. Audrey and her husband and one month old son will be moving to northern Japan in August. Please pray for them as they prepare to plant their lives among these people whose lives have been forever changed by today's events.

Here are the main points from the article:
  1. Pray for those in need of rescue that it will come swiftly.
  2. Pray for the rescuers – safety, rest, encouragement, in the midst of horror and unrelenting pain.
  3. Pray for families that have witnessed the unthinkable, are worried about loved ones, and fearful for their own safety.
  4. Pray for children who need comfort and safety, hugs and reassurance – even if they are physically “fine.”
  5. Pray for governments and authorities that all red tape would disappear and corruption would cease.
  6. Pray for relief agencies to have wisdom and compassion to make a lasting difference.
  7. Pray for those around you that they would respond not just with what they can do, but with their heart.
  8. Pray for yourself that you would have a heart of compassion – start now and it will grow.
I would add one more: Pray that people would turn to the only One who will truly complete the work of restoration and healing.


My daily delights

Here are three photos from yesterday that I have to share. These are common scenes in our home.
Kissing his book
Petting the cat
Throwing his clothes

What to do next

This pose just makes me laugh.


10 Month Photos (+9 days)

We're back in Kansas, and that means Nathanael and Mr. Bear have been reunited. Nathanael actually squealed when he saw Mr. Bear, crawled over to him, threw him on the ground, tackled him, and kissed his belly and face multiple times.

Our photo shoot was another story.

This was the ONLY photo with a smile.
And here are some outtakes.
Can you tell he's not feeling well?
Poor guy has a nasty cold virus.
Compare these to his 9 month photos here.

Dear Nathanael (10 months)


Child prodigy?

Maybe he's not quite ready to play Mozart yet, but he definitely enjoys the cause and effect of banging on keys and hearing beautiful loud music.


Playing with Daddy's toys

Upon our arrival in Michigan (3 weeks ago), Grandmom pulled out a few board puzzles of Greg and Angie's. It was fun to see Nathanael chewing away on them. And as an added bonus in this picture, the little yellow box in front of Nathanael was my "ipod" when I was a little girl. (You wind the knob, and it plays a song.)
Wow, it's crazy how much he grows in a few weeks. This picture already looks old to me!


King Grandparents

Grandmom received multiple slobbery kisses yesterday. That makes it official that Nathanael knows and loves his Grandmom and Granddaddy King.

We leave tomorrow, and I have sadly not been able to post much while we've been here in Michigan. Here are a couple pictures we will treasure for years.

I think Nathanael ate more of Grandmom's cereal than she did!
(Notice the suitcase of toys in the background. That's correct; we brought a suitcase full of toys!)

Grandpas make great climbing obstacles.

We love you and will miss you greatly, Mike & Mary!