She's a year old!

We had a special "early" celebration for Evangeline's first birthday with just our family and Grandpa and Grandma in attendance.  (Gregory and I had a conference to attend on the actual day.)  So to begin the celebration, I had her try on my childhood dress.  Isn't she adorable?!
I made her cupcakes this year, decorated with strawberry and blueberry flowers.
She seemed to enjoy it, to our surprise!
Gifts were fun, for sure.  But big brother Nathanael really wanted to be in charge.
What a precious one-year-old!  We love our Eva-doll.

Ending their visit well

We spent the last weekend of my parents' visit at two of our favorite parks -- Kurpark Oberlaa and Prater.  As always, the pictures tell the story.
On to Prater...
 And lastly, Home Park.  Eva actually stood on her own a bit!
 And once again, this boy was sacked out at the end!


Summertime Family Memories

While Grandpa spent a week working in France, Grandma came to visit us!  We welcomed her with smiles and showed her the ropes of summer life with a four-year-old and almost one-year-old.
 Then it was time to pick up Grandpa at the airport!
We fit in a movie afternoon, of course.
And we spent lots of time outside!
 She's a "scooter".  Look at her sand trail... :)
 Nathanael was our big helper.
And we laughed a lot.