Degree time

After four years of diligent studying, researching, and writing, Greg has completed all requirements for his Master's degree! I'm so proud of you, dear!

This calls for celebration!

Oh, and maybe some sleep would be nice as well...


Istanbul Trip Slideshow

I couldn't seem to cut enough of the pictures, so I'm giving you a slideshow instead. If it's too fast (or slow), just place your mouse over the picture, and you should see an option to stop the slideshow and go at your own pace.

We're sharing about the trip after the 11am service tomorrow. Join us downstairs if you can!


Easter Bunny Cupcakes

Greg and I were craving our favorite cupcakes this past week, so I decided to mix two special memories this Easter and create "Easter Bunny Cupcakes." One memory is making yellow cake cupcakes with whipped chocolate icing with Mandi (my favorite college roommate). We would devour them together! The other memory is the traditional Easter Bunny Cake Mom would let Carrie and me help make each year (big version of below). We always had a blast icing and decorating it with Easter candy.

In retrospect, I should have chosen another icing color for the bowties, but I really just wanted the chocolate icing. And after I bought the M&Ms, I remembered that we used to use the pastel ones to make the bunny look more traditionally "Eastery" but I forgot that as well. Oh well. Here they are.

Naked bunnies!

All dressed up for Easter Sunday: