Canoeing on the Charles and Yeni Arkadaslik

Greg and I had a fun excursion Saturday morning with some new friends from the Boston Turkish Cultural Center. We went canoeing on the Charles! Here are a few pictures from our morning together.
Note the short sleeved shirt I'm wearing -- I have a nice sunburn line to match that shirt now. Ugh!
The group after our outing. We're really looking forward to spending more time with some of these new friends in Boston!


Kim singing "Soon"

Greg bought the new Hillsong United album today, and I really liked one of the songs. I decided to spend a little time tonight learning it, and I had a blast recording my efforts on GarageBand. I couldn't figure out an easy way to play the audio file on my blog (anyone know an easy way? i kept running into a Plugin issue), but you can listen to me here.

Apparently the file will be deleted in sixty days if no one listens to it, so listen to it in the next few days if you want to hear it. Let me know what you think of the song.

Things to ignore: the loud background buzz, the constant squeak of my keyboard pedal, the clicking when I adjust the computer volume, and the general inconsistency of the volume... Other than all that, ENJOY!


Relaxing by the River

After a delicious breakfast of waffles, bacon, and eggs, Greg and I went to River's Edge Park for a couple hours today. We had a lot of fun tossing a frisbee and playing catch, watching the swans and geese on the Malden River, and laying in the shade reading by the river. I wanted to share a couple pictures. It was so nice to take time to relax today!


Married 62 years and having a blast

To follow-up on the last post...

So Dad, you need to brush up on your piano skills so you two can look like this in 27 more years! :) Now Greg and I have something additional to aspire to...


Moved In & Forgetful

I'm borrowing someone's internet this morning (thanks, "clark23"). I know many people think I'm crazy, but our new apartment is pretty much settled. A few things still need tweeked here and there, such as... Greg unloaded the refrigerated items in a hurry yesterday (read: organizational disaster); in an effort to bring some warmth into our home last night, I hung decorations on the already existing hardware in the walls (read: extremely odd placement and large bare spots); and finally, my keyboard is not yet in our apartment and set up in the spot where it will fit perfectly (miracle upon miracles that we'll be able to fit it -- thank you for that unexpected blessing, God).

I missed my parent's 34th anniversary yesterday. I told myself about five times over the last week to not forget to call. And sadly, I actually called them late afternoon (no answer) and then in the evening to ask Mom an urgent oven-cleaning question, but did I remember to say, "Happy Anniversary"? Nope. As I was going to bed (at 2am), I noticed I had a text message from my sister -- "Don't forget it's Dad & Mom's anniversary today!" (Thanks for trying, sis!) So, Dad & Mom, I hope yesterday was a special day of looking back on how the Lord has molded you two together, how He has conformed you more to His image through your marriage, and how He has abundantly blessed you together through His grace with many spiritual blessings in Christ. I cannot thank you enough for the example your marriage has been to me.

May your 35th year be as rich as the last 34 combined!