Red Stockings, Anyone?

We may be many miles away, but our devotion remains.


Four fun video clips

I posted these on youtube/Facebook but forgot about the blog!

Here are the latest four videos I uploaded of Nathanael.

He simply can't wait for the fun part of this little riddle:

This one needs no intro:

This one is for the family; he loves to carry around his player and sing.

Sorry about the orientation; the clip is still cute - Nathanael loved joining Grandma in this song.


Two happy people

I'm not sure which one loves books more...nor which one loves these moments more...


A Spring Evening Walk

I think this was the evening or the evening after we returned from Dallas...
They were both so happy to be walking outside.


Cameron Park

Cameron Park (near Baylor) has changed quite a bit since the days I used to frequent it. Still, we greatly enjoyed trying out our hiking backpack (thanks, J&K!) on some of the trails. It was beautiful and refreshing.


Fun in Texas

I'm ashamed with how few pictures I took on our trip. I thought about pulling out our camera at multiple times but rarely had enough energy to follow through and do it.

This one was taken by the precious little girl's mom:
Blue Bell Ice Cream! (He didn't get any.)
Nathanael loved this toy bus.
Looking like such a big, silly boy