Continue praying for the people...

For those of you who joined in prayer for Cyd and her co-worker Muhammad who were abducted in Afghanistan a month ago, we just received word today that Cyd and Muhammad have passed away.  For the official report from their NGO, visit http://www.arldf.net/.  Not much is known yet.

Your prayers for Cyd's family and Muhammad's family and especially those who knew them in Afghanistan are greatly coveted.  I'm thankful to know that Cyd is with her Savior and Love.  My heart aches for more to be called to share Christ's love with the people in southern Afghanistan...


Loving Life in Boston

These past couple weeks, I have been LOVING Boston as much as ever! Part of it is that I really enjoy the winter when I can get all bundled up and walk around in snow. And we've had a lot of beautiful non-overwhelming snow this winter. But another part of it is probably that Boston is feeling more and more like home every month we're here. We're getting close to two years now. And then it definitely helps that I've been getting into the city A LOT lately!

My daddy had a business conference downtown all last week, so my parents flew in for almost 10 days! It was wonderful to spend time with them, and it was a special treat for me to spend so much time downtown with them! Highlights for me:
  • Mom and I beat the guys at pitch.
  • Dad & Mom took Greg & me to Legal Seafood at Park Plaza - what a treat!
  • Dad also treated Mom and me to a night at the theatre! I left work a little early and met Mom at their hotel. We had dinner at Fajitas & Ritas in the Theatre District and then had front row seats for MY FAIR LADY at the Boston Opera House! It was amazing! The cast was from London's West End; it was incredible to see everything so up-close! What a wonderful mother-daughter date!
  • I took the next afternoon off, and Mom and I explored Trinity Church, Newbury Street, the Freedom Trail, & Faneuil Hall together. Dad joined us for dinner at Maggiano's at the Park Plaza. Yummy Italian!
  • Texas Roadhouse. (Need I say more?)

Then tonight I met my dear friend, Jessie, at Park Street, and we had a birthday dinner nearby before walking to the North End for some amazing italian treats. Thanks for an incredible time together, Jessie, and HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Let's really do this more often!

Actually, now that I think about it, God has really blessed me with getting to spend time with some amazing sisters lately - Ann Brown, Katie Thomason, Jessie Fay, Janine Wilkinson (whom I also get to work with), Joyce Cole. :) I love these girls and hope to carve out even more time with them in the very near future! I'm sure these friendships increase my love of Boston as well.

To all of you NOT in my beloved Boston, I miss you and welcome you into our home ANYTIME!