Colorado Training, Nathanael's Take

Now that we're back in Kansas, I can upload photos again.  I wrote briefly about our time in Colorado a couple posts back.  Of course, I don't have any pictures from our actual training there, but I have plenty of Nathanael.
Nathanael came "home" with this on his first day; you can tell from his picture that he was a little unsure about this new place and these new people.  By the end of the second week at training, he was waking up in the morning practically begging to go to class and play with his teachers and new friends!
Our first weekend in Colorado was beautiful and we managed a morning at the Garden of the Gods!  I imagine we'll treasure these pictures for years...  Nathanael loved climbing on the rocks!

Of course, if you put over twenty kids together in the same classes, sharing all play spaces and eating places, they're going to get sick.  Nathanael had a pitiful second weekend in Colorado, spending most of the days in Dad & Mom's bed with a stomach bug.
Our third weekend brought a great snowstorm.  We had well over a foot, but it actually melted really quickly due to the Colorado sunshine!  Nathanael wasn't too sure about sledding but loved walking around in the deep snow.

Looking for an apartment

I have a list of desires for our first apartment in Vienna.  I pray over it quite regularly.  I think about it a lot.  When we were in Vienna back in November, I found an apartment that seemed to fit almost every desire on my list.  I remember saying to Gregory, "This place is such an amazing fit for us!  I know I have to just give it to God and trust He has something for us."  And I did.  I mean, what are the chances that a place that was available in November would still be available in July or August of the next year?!

I randomly did a quick apartment search two days ago.  My dream apartment was still listed!  I couldn't believe it.  So this time, I did a little more digging, found the real estate site that's listing the rental, looked into the neighborhood, measured distances to our church and grocery store and library, thought about how furniture would fit, etc.  And I love it even more.  And here I am again, back at that place where I say to Gregory once again, "This place is such an amazing fit for us!  I have to just give it to God and trust He has something for us, whether or not this is it."  Our God is so good.  I am excited to see how He leads us in the next few months, and what He determines to be the right fit for us.

I am so ready for our "home" to be back in Vienna.