Here's my handsome husband dressed up for Andrew & Angie's wedding rehearsal.

And since my family asked for a picture, here's the shelving unit we just bought at IKEA last night.
I don't have pictures from either of the recent weddings - Mike & Joyce or Andrew & Angie - but hopefully I'll find some soon. Greg and I took today to try and put our home back together from the insanity of the last month and a half. It was actually fun to have a Saturday with no major commitments! My parents come in LESS THAN TWO WEEKS! I'm so excited to welcome them into our home in Medford. That's about all I have time to write tonight. Love to all of you!


Where did August go?

I truly cannot believe it is September 10th! SEPTEMBER?! And a third of the way through it at that! Well, this short post can be attributed to two of my big sisters - Carrie and Rebecca - who have both requested an update. :)

Three Sundays ago, our church started our third service at a new location in Boston - Coolidge Corner. This is such an exciting step for our church as we have definitely been called to plant churches in the Boston area. With Greg leading the worship team now, we're still getting used to the 7:30am-1:30pm, 4:30-8:00pm Sunday commitments required of setting up, tearing down, and leading three services. But I can truly say that we LOVE Coolidge Corner! It's exciting to think about what God could be doing in calling our church to take this step. And as an added bonus, our favorite Turkish restaurant in Boston is only a few blocks away! For those of you who may be more interested in the logistics of this, we are meeting in a room at a synagogue in Brookline (the section of Boston). We simply duplicate (triplicate?) everything from our 9am and 11am services in Cambridge - same songs, same message. The band is a little different from site to site, but Greg's done an incredible job of organizing everything and leading us all. I love being a part of this with him!

In addition to preparing for and implementing all of the above, Greg has been working with a Research Professor at Gordon-Conwell in preparing to teach a course on Christian Muslim Relations at Gordon College this fall. The class actually starts tonight, and Greg will be teaching five of the lectures over the next three months. Personally, it's been amazing to watch him research and take notes and format these lectures. He's a gifted researcher and teacher. I can't wait to hear how the first class goes!

My third update is on Greg's sis Angie! This has been quite the exciting summer for her...she's getting married on Saturday!!! Andrew, her fiance, is wonderful. We're all thrilled for them and excited (though still a little stunned) to start this journey with them on Saturday and then in the years
ahead. Andrew is from New Zealand (I LOVE HIS ACCENT), has a great sense of humor, a deep and honest commitment to follow God, and an incredible knack for technology (hence his job as an IT Constultant). You can speak a prayer for these two as they make wedding plans this week. Did you know a wedding could be planned in 10 days?! (If you know Ang, they're registered at Target so far. ;) And it looks like they might be moving into the same apartment building as us! Isn't that surreal?!

And lastly, work for me has been a doozy with preparing for students to return. They did so last Tuesday. Our office continues to work through many transitions (which often means a teensy bit more work than expected). But I think this semester is going to be a really great one! I'm so incredibly blessed to work with a great group of men and women who are quite gifted in their roles.

Oh, and I almost forgot! As of this Thursday, Greg and I will become Mac owners!