Fun in the Snow

We all enjoyed a large amount of snow this winter!

Nathanael's favorite thing to do with snow: eat it!


My 32nd Birthday

This was my first birthday to have an awesome almost-three-year-old help me make my cake.  He was most interested in the "clean-up" part, especially with the icing. :)  We had fun making memories together and then showing Dad our mess!

Gregory organized care for Nathanael and took me out for a delicious Italien dinner that night.  Going-out dates are so infrequent for us that it made my birthday extra special this year!



We received a surprise call in February from the Kindergarten across the street.  They had a family move away and called to offer Nathanael the spot for the remainder of the year!  We were stunned, prayed a lot about it, and then celebrated this answer to prayer for Nathanael to attend half-day Kindergarten (pre-school)!  We'd thought he'd have to wait until September.  Here's our big boy on his first day.

And his second day was Fasching (kids dress in costumes), so we put him in this cool shirt, which he loved.  The kids got to eat apricot-jelly-filled donuts too.  Not a bad way to begin Kindergarten!

April update:
He adjusted really well at first, went through a few weeks of difficulty, and then slowly readjusted and worked up to his current attendance of three hours in the morning.  He loves going, loves his teachers, classmates, activities.  He frequently asks in the afternoon if he can go again.  And he's picking up tons of German, which was one of our biggest reasons for sending him.  Praise God!

Here are some pictures his teachers gave us after his April birthday party: