We love our city!

Yesterday we finally walked around South Boston for a few hours.  It was wonderful to be on the water.  Last weekend, we finally walked a part of the Charles on the Boston side, but I forgot the camera!  The sun was setting, and the sailboats were all out on the water...you'll just have to imagine it.  We realized at the beginning of this summer that we hadn't been able to take advantage of Boston summers our first two summers here, so we've been trying to fit as much in this summer as possible!


Providence, Rhode Island

Greg & I had a great time in Providence these past few days.  I met a lot of people at my work conference and learned some interesting things.  We stayed at the Providence Biltmore which was amazing!  Wednesday evening we had steak and seafood at McCormick & Schmicks and then took a walk around downtown to burn off some of the calories.  A few pictures...

The capitol building
Downtown as they were setting up for the waterfire (our hotel is in the back right)
As soon as it started getting dark, people began to collect along this river awaiting the famous Providence waterfire.  Here are a couple videos from the evening.  It started raining as they were lighting the fires, so we didn't get the best video of all the flames.  It was a neat idea.  The music was interesting, a strange mix of eclectic and classical.  Providence has done a great job making their downtown a special place to hang out in the evenings.

Waiting, waiting, waiting for the fire
The flame twirler man...

Fire, water, and rain...

And here's what I found on the desk in our hotel room one afternoon.  Do you think he was tired of studying Hebrew?
Pretty good self-portrait though
Last but not least, we completely enjoyed listening to the new Coldplay album while on the road!  I would definitely recommend it!


Eden and Providence

Eden is incredible...  It was fun to watch Greg hold her and fall in love with her.  He'll be a great daddy whenever that day comes.  Until then, we're happy to love on baby Eden and soon-to-come baby Ezekiel!
Greg and I are off to Providence for the rest of the week.  I'll be at a work conference, and Greg will be studying studying studying Hebrew.  We'll TRY to take some pictures in Providence.


Passing time

I finally uploaded some pictures from the past month or so. I am completely unmotivated to do anything productive right now, so I figured this would take up a little time.

Most random and oldest picture first. This is what I did while Greg wrote papers. I never knew how long it would take to make 6 dozen deviled eggs...and I think it's safe to say I'll never make that many again on my own. My thumb was actually bleeding by the end! BUT I made them for a friend's baby shower, so it was a worthy sacrifice.

The next couple pictures are from our perfect day. Our condo building puts a tremendous amount of effort into the landscaping, so I took a couple pictures of flowers that day. They're not as novel now, but they had just started to bloom that day.
The next four pictures are from Memorial Day. We went to one of our favorite reserves to hike and then ended up at the ocean lawn for a picnic. When we first moved to Mass, we lived really close to both of these reservations.
And I took this picture in the Public Garden yesterday. For the second weekend in a row, we hopped on the T with books and blanket and went into the city to enjoy the beauty of nature, the sounds of happy children, and the delicious taste of The Upper Crust pizza.


After graduation?

So Greg and I have been talking and praying a lot more this last week about what to do come May 2009.  It's really exciting to dream together and seek the Lord together about life AFTER the MDiv!  Does it really exist?!  I admit that I had begun to doubt.

In other news, I played barber again this weekend.  I've got Greg's style down.  I'm just not so sure the outcome for me was so great, but it was free and I still have hair.  That counts for something, right?

Oh and speaking of free!  We might have stumbled upon a free loveseat futon this past week!  That means we have more places for visitors to sleep!  (hint, hint)

Boston is at its peak of loveliness!  Greg and I spent almost an hour watching little kids feed ducks in the Public Garden this afternoon.  My favorite was an adorable girl (maybe 4?) with the cutest twirly-skirt sundress, and she was so excited about the ducks that she couldn't help but skip when she would run back and forth between her parents and the pond.  Too cute...

And finally, last week I decided to see if our cat might like the outdoors better at our current apartment.  We have a patio in the back that's quiet and peaceful, so I thought maybe she wouldn't freak out so much.  No luck.  She went absolutely beserk (which dictionary.com accurately defines as violently or destructively frenzied; wild; crazed; deranged--I had no idea how to spell that word) when we put her down.  I seriously couldn't believe it was our cat!  So we have concluded that Ayse will forever be an indoor snobby cat.  Oh well.