7 days to go!

We fly out next Saturday, and I can hardly believe it's so near! In fact, four years ago Tuesday, I was making the trek from Istanbul to Detroit (for Robin's wedding). I never would have imagined it would take FOUR YEARS to get back there! I can't lie; I do wish I were moving to Istanbul to stay this time and not just visiting for a little over a week.

Greg and I are taking six friends with us. We're hopefully going to show them our beloved city in such a way that they'll never want to leave as well! Actually, I know that the first moment they actually sit down with a Turk and chat, they'll fall in love with these people. They are just that amazingly friendly.

We're going to visit a lot of places, see a lot of things, likely experience some culture shock anew, hopefully meet some people. Part of the trip will even entail getting involved with a community center in a poor neighborhood. We're all excited to be about something deeper than just a tourist trip. We hope to leave a huge chunk of our hearts in that place, everywhere we walk, every person with whom we speak...

If you'd like to know more, send me an email, and I'll add you to our email update list - kimber.king@gmail.com.

Istanbul, Turkey - here we come!


Snow, flowers, cats, and more snow

I've had some issues uploading pictures to blogger lately. So this will be a random assortment of pictures from the last couple of months.

First, the flowers Greg surprised me with on Valentine's Day and my birthday. (They're the flowers from our wedding.) He's wonderful.
The next two pictures are from when we cat-sat at the beginning of January. The two cats went crazy together, chasing and tackling and playing hide-and-seek. It was quite entertaining. This is how I found them later one afternoon, both completely zonked out in the same room.
The following pictures are from Martin Luther King Day back in January. My friend Karen and I decided to enjoy the snow that had fallen the night before. We made a snowman, (It was practically impossible with the powdery snow, but we did it and had the ONLY snowman in Boston Common!) enjoyed Starbucks, made snow angels on a dock on the Charles River, and generally had a ton of fun in the massive piles of snow.

Lastly, and this was SUCH a huge treat, my Baylor friend Aubrea was in town for a couple days performing. She's an AMAZINGLY GIFTED performance violinist. We've been hoping she would get a chance to visit Boston, and the time finally came! Monday morning (in the midst of a crazy winter storm) we braved the weather and saw the sights in Boston (a whirlwind four hour tour concluding with lunch at Legal Seafood...mmmm). It was crazy but so much fun! I don't know how I made it out with only the following two pictures!


New Music to Enjoy

The last two months, I've had a lot of trouble downloading images to blogger. I think I've tried to post some pictures four or five times without success. How frustrating! Well, I have a post written, but it's centered around the pictures, so I will try from my work computer tomorrow over lunch and HOPEFULLY have success. :)

Until then, I want to pass on the word about an amazing guitarist we saw in concert last night - Trace Bundy. Quite impressive. Here's one of his youtube videos:

Of course, it's quite sweet that one of my best friends, Aubrea, plays with him often. And she's in Boston! Yea! More on that tomorrow. (Those of you who came to our wedding will recognize Aubrea!)