Third Birthday Celebration in pictures

I just love celebrating this little guy!  I can't believe he's three.

We had so much fun preparing for and celebrating this special birthday.

Nathanael's Kindergarten celebrates birthdays, so we joined in on the fun and made party treats for all the kids: little robots!  (Thanks, Claire Miller, for this awesome idea!)
Nathanael helped me make and bake some delicious blueberry muffins to take as birthday treats.  They were a hit!
Nathanael picked out the decorations for his cake.  I'd never done this type of cake decorating before, so I was thrilled about how easy it was and how well it turned out.  (I was going for simple and easy!)

Nathanael loved the cake and enjoyed blowing out his three candles.  Apparently he was able to blow out candles on his muffin at Kindergarten as well!

We were excited to receive these two books from the Cioffis!  I'm not sure who's more excited to read these, Nathanael or us!
What better gift for a three-year-old, right?!  These were actually from Grandpa and Grandma at Christmas, but we held off on them since we'll only start this adventure in the next few weeks.

Friends from church found out we were looking to buy Nathanael a balance bike (Laufrad), so they loaned us one of theirs!  What a blessing!  He's thrilled about it, and he had a few semi-successful attempts today.  The first try did end up in tears of frustration (which we expected).  Doesn't he look so big walking to the church park to try it out?!

When we picked Nathanael up from Kindergarten this morning, he was wearing this cute hat -- a special privilege for the birthday boy!  He loved it!  We walked to our favorite Turkish restaurant for a special birthday lunch.

What a sweet day for a sweet boy!

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