Easter Break, Butterflies, and a Theatre Workshop

Here in Austria, the kids get a week off school before Easter and two days after.  It has been a combination of fun and insanity.  It's Thursday now, so we're halfway through the break.  I think that's a small success.
On Friday, Nathanael brought home the little bunny in the photo above with urgent instructions to water it.  It's garden cress that they planted that morning.  He is so excited to check on its progress each day.  The other little pots are our attempts at a couple lettuce plants and a few herbs.  Nathanael and I planted them a few weeks ago on our balcony when we had a warm afternoon.

We partook of our traditional "Easter Lamb" on Wednesday.  We wanted to share this yummy, glutenous cake with our guest before she headed out on the last piece of her European journey.  (Thanks for visiting, sister!)  As you can tell, the kids were just a little excited about the cake.  They also LOVED having Miss Forsythe visit again!  "Let's play another game of Uno!"

We finally hung our Easter butterflies yesterday, and the kids continued their hard work on their annual contributions.
Their finished butterflies:
Necessary inclusion:  In case you think the pictures make it look like a quiet, peaceful, bonding activity, you should know that about a quarter of the time we spent together on this was fun and bonding (though NEVER quiet).  The other three quarters were filled with bickering and arguing and disciplining, as I think should probably be expected with a six and three year old.  I was glad when it was finished this year.

Lastly, I must post photos of my little pirates, though blurry.  Nathanael has a performance today, and I can hardly wait to see it!  He has attended a four-day Theatre workshop this week, and they will give a 30-40 minute production to conclude the workshop.  There are seven or eight kids, and their director worked with them to write a play and come up with all of the costumes and the set and props as well as rehearse it.  Fortunately three of his best friends have attended as well, and Nathanael has loved every day!  I hope to post a few more pictures after today (hopefully not blurry)!
Trying on the costumes (my pirates never stand still!):

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