Happy Birthday to me!

Why, you ask, am I posting a picture of my living room to begin my birthday post?
I have plants!  Granted, I just have four right now (two barely made the edges of the photo), but it is a start.  It took us almost five years to get here, but it's finally happening.  I am thrilled!  By the time I wanted to buy plants a couple years ago, we knew we'd be in the States for half a year, and so it just made more sense to wait until we returned.  Gregory surprised me the morning of and came home with a bouquet of flowers in one hand and a potted plant in the other!  Happy Birthday to me!

For lunch, I took Nathanael and his friend/classmate out to McDs between school and football practice.  That meant a birthday cupcake and coffee for me!
(Yes, they're doing their homework at McDs while eating mini cupcakes!)

We went out to dinner as a family, and true to my birthdays, I have no good photos.  I even forgot to take a picture of the birthday dessert before we'd cut it up for Eva.  Oh well.
Craziness at the King table
Gregory (and the kids) celebrated me well, and I was grateful for all the sweet notes from friends and family around the world!  Thirty-six doesn't seem to be all that bad. Or different.

Late addition:  Look at the incredible gluten-free cake my friend who works at Demel gave me!!!

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